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Published May 23, 22
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Whether you own a skid steer or you require a regular skid steer rental for your business, it is helpful to know about the attachments that can be used to maximize the function of this powerful equipment. The right tools and attachments are essential to speed up project completion, minimize required manpower, and ensure quality work on the job site.

It is designed with arms that can be connected to a variety of attachments and tools. Typically, these machines are designed as four-wheeled vehicles. The driver has the option to move the right or left side wheels independently, enabling the machine to be turned with differential steering. Some skid steers have tracks instead of wheels to accommodate rough terrain.

But there are advantages to owning this equipment, especially for landscapers and construction crews. The price of the skid steer depends on the operating capacity, measured by the weight that can be handled by the machine. Rated Operating Capacity (ROC) has been outlined by the Associated Equipment Manufacturers. Small frame skid steers have less than 50 hp and can handle 1,750 pounds or less.

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Large frame skid steers have over 70 hp, and the capacity is anything over 2,200 pounds. The smallest designs can be purchased for as little as $12,000, with the high capacity loaders running up to $60,000 in price. Many construction experts agree that a skid steer is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment that can be used on a construction site.

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On the other hand, skid steers with wheels are the best choice when the ground is hard and evenly graded. The wheels perform optimally on landscaped sites, concrete areas, and pavement. In addition to capacity, you also need to think about other features, such as radial or vertical lift. At first glance, these designs seem to be quite similar.

The best solution is to evaluate your project and identify the tools to fit the situation. Here are some of the most common attachments used for skid steers: Photo credit: Skid Steer Solutions Holes for trees, footings, and fences can be easily drilled using an auger skid steer attachment. Different drive systems are available, so you should consider the type of soil before choosing the right auger for the job.

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One of the benefits of using a skid steer with an auger is the precision and speed available when digging the holes. Heavy duty and extreme duty augers are available, as well as a variety of bits and extensions. Photo credit: John Deere A breaker hammer on a skid steer uses hydraulics for demolition or breaking up large debris.

This attachment is common when removing large debris or clearing stones on open land. The design of skid steer rock buckets is to retain the debris and rock while grading and digging, leaving the finer dirt or soil on the site. It can be used for moving materials such as rock or firewood, sifting debris, or tilling the soil prior to planting.

Forks can also be used for 275-gallon totes and other bulky containers of materials. This equipment can be a good solution when building materials and lumber need to be stacked in a garage. Skid steer fork attachments are a great solution when load-bearing equipment is required, and can be used for transportation of construction materials, bales, pallets, harvest, and more.

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Materials can be repositioned and adjusted. The attachment is ideal for light construction and landscaping. It can reach high to empty the backhoe bucket into a truck or wagon. Photo credit: Skid Steer Solutions Before selecting a trencher, it is essential to identify the depth and width of the trench that you will be digging.

This attachment can also be used to cut out soil, aerate, and level the soil as the debris is collected. Not only does the rake attachment collect debris and rocks, but it can also be used to smooth and level soil. The Flamethrower takes inspiration from the reach and versatility of the Eterra Boom-Arm.

Once the Boom-Arm System had been fully optimized, it became a natural question to wonder what type of head might come next. When someone volunteered the idea of a Flamethrower, we just couldn’t help ourselves. Designing, manufacturing, selling and supporting the highest quality skid steer attachments and tools is what drives us.

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The challenge of innovating and manufacturing the world’s first Skid Steer Mounted Flamethrower was large, complex and required the total commitment of all our years of experience. The result is something that could have only been created through the partnership of Skid Steer Solutions and Eterra Attachments. No one else has the knowledge, the passion, the expertise, or the creative spirit required to pull off something as incomprehensible as a Flamethrower mounted on a Skid Steer.

After the initial inspiration, we got to work drawing and designing the attachment, our team of engineers and mechanics then got to work manufacturing and assembling the required components to make this Flamethrower truly perform. From there, the Flamethrower was constantly tested and adjusted to ensure proper operation and guaranteed safety for both the operator as well as any bystanders.

I would venture to say that it’s been pretty difficult. There’s been a lot of putting it together and taking it apart again, testing stuff and seeing what is and is not working. Then putting it together again. To tell you the truth, I’ve never built a Skid Steer Mounted Flamethrower before, so there was some learning along the way.

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We had to put together a pressurized fuel system that could basically squirt the fuel enough distance safely without springing leaks. And then we had to put it all together into something that you could operate from inside the cab. So it’s been an adventure.” – Andy Neuman, Lead Engineer The finished product is a perfect encapsulation of everything Eterra stands for.

From the heavy-duty construction and welding, to the brushed metal finishes and crisp graphics, the Flamethrower is unmistakably an Eterra Attachments creation. “We had to mechanically develop what size the Flamethrower was going to be, and what we could actually do. I have a really good designer that’s worked with us for a long, long time, and what I did was I took the base mechanical parts that I was going to need, like the internals, and I handed it to him and I said “hey, make an external cannon-looking, projectile, really boss looking item that we can fit all of this in to.

He put all that together and then we put all of our internal into that, and it’s all history– Rob Leib, President and Owner, Skid Steer Solutions, Inc. A big part of what makes the Skid Steer Flamethrower possible is technology and collaboration with Throw, Flame Handheld Flamethrowers. Throwflame didn’t invent flamethrowers, they just perfected them.

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The blade can also be paired with an optional laser system for precision grading. Other options include an end-plate laser-pole kit. The attachment is designed for use by asphalt and concrete flatwork contractors and landscapers. The disc for skid steers is designed for a range of applications, including land clearing and vegetation control.